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Are you resistant to network?

I was very excited to featured in my first article, 5 Job-Finding Strategies That Work: Beyond the Basics. One point that I’d like do add is that I’ve noticed how much my career coaching clients tend to resist networking. My client Ben in California recently said he that doesn’t like networking. It makes him feel inauthentic and he’s trying to be someone he isn’t. I explained to him that there is a way to approach networking where you can still be yourself but push yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit to be more assertive.

The goal isn’t to just meet as many people as possible. Set a goal to connect on more personal level with a couple of networking connections. Remember, quality versus quantity. Don’t feel like you hand everyone your business card, do it selectively. Think about your personality type. Are you the kind of person would you rather talk about personal versus business? If so, bring that up first. If you are a more shy personality, go with someone who has knows your networking connection, and who can introduce you.

You don’t have to be the picture networker that you picture in your head. Just be yourself and talk to people. Find a common ground that makes it more comfortable for everybody involved.

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Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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