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5 Ways to Fail In Your Job Search

1. Assume that your resume is going to get you the job. Act as if your resume is the end all be all or the magic wand to you job search

The Truth: You need to have a great interview and follow up. The resume just gets your foot in the door.

2. Blanket online job boards with your resume. Apply for any job that looks remotely appealing.

The Truth: You need to actually be interested in the jobs you apply for. Only apply to jobs that you are actually interested in AND that you are qualified for.

3. Keep your job search a secret. You don’t tell anyone that you are searching because you are afraid to ask for help. Don’t ask for networking contacts or assistance, just keep it to yourself.

The Truth: You need to network, network, network! Utilize your friends, family, and acquaintances to establish networking contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You never know who might be able to get you connected with your dream job.

4. Be resistant to working with a recruiter (recruiters are part of hidden job market).

The Truth: You need to be willing and open to working with them. Some will be a better fit, but don’t discount value.

5. Don’t set up a LinkedIn profile. Don’t keep it updated.

The Truth: Some employers say that 80% of their recruiting efforts are conducted on LinkedIn alone. You can’t ignore it and you have to have a GOOD profile.  If there are a lot of candidates out there and your profile is better, they will remember yours.

 Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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