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Career & Professional Development Topics

Career Webinar Topics

Our webinar topics are listed below by category. You can find recordings of previous webinars on our YouTube Channel.

Program Topics

Career Direction

  • “Am I In The Right Job? How to Know When It’s Time to Go”
  • “3 Ways to Clarify Your Career Values”
  • “Career Brainstorming: 3 Methods to Uncover the Right Career for You”
  • “3 Steps to Finding a Job You Love”
  • “3 Simple Steps to Find Fulfillment in Your Career”
  • “Live and Work with Passion and Purpose: 3 Steps for Greater Professional Fulfillment”
  • “How to Make a Career Change in 2024”
  • “Facing the Fear of a Career Transition”
  • “10 Transferable Skills to Help You Change Careers”

Job Search

  • “How to Handle a Layoff”
  • “How to Handle the Gig Economy or Secure a Side Hustle”
  • “Salary and Benefits Negotiation 101”
  • “3 Steps to Landing a Job You Love”
  • “Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Success”
  • “Networking Hacks: How to Create and Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile”
  • “I Want a New Job, Now What?”
  • “New Year, New Gig?”
  • “5 Ways to Fix Your Resume”
  • “How to Tap into the Hidden Job Market to Define and Find Your Ideal Job”
  • “Job Search Hacks: 5 Ways to Conduct Successful Informational Interviews”
  • “5 Ways To Stand Out in Your Job Search”
  • “Making the Most of Unemployment Gaps”


  • “5 Coaching Skills Every Leader Should Master”
  • “Improving Your Conflict Competence”
  • “How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work”
  • “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace”
  • “3 Ways to Work More Effectively with Your Team”
  • “Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers or Employees”
  • “Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome”
  • “How New Managers Can Make Their Mark”
  • “3 Critical Coaching Skills for Effective Mentoring”
  • “Solving Career Burnout: How to Get Re-Inspired”
  • “Finding Work-Life Balance and Managing Mental Health in the Workplace”
  • “How to Host a Successful Virtual Meeting”
  • “5 Communication Skills that Will Enable You to Achieve Your Career Goals”
  • “How to Keep Your Career Resolutions in 2024”
  • “3 Simple Steps to Create Meaningful Career Goals”
  • “How to Negotiate During a Performance Review”

Career Planning

  • “10 Ways to Get Promoted in the New Year”
  • “Coping with Career Regret: How to Make Better Professional Decisions”
  • “Thriving in Your Role in a Virtual Format”
  • “Finding Work You Love After 50”
  • “Jumpstart Your Career in 2024”
  • “3 Keys to Strategic Career Planning”
  • “Navigating the First 90 Days of a New Job”

    Multi-Session Webinar Topics

    • “Jumpstart Your Job Search Boot Camp” – Three or four-session webinar series – $249/person ($210/person to Create Your Career Path)
    • “Clarify Your Career Direction Workshop” – Four-session webinar series – $249 per person ($210 per person to Create Your Career Path)
    • “LinkedIn Boot Camp” – Two-session webinar series – $50 per person ($40 per person to Create Your Career Path)

    Book Discussions

    Suggested books for group discussions:

    • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace by Mark Craemer
    • Dare to Lead by Brené Brown
    • The Introverted Leader by Jennifer Kahnweiler

    One-Time and Multi-Session Webinars Are Available.* We are open to discussion on the fee depending on your budget.