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Career Counseling in Atlanta vs. Outplacement Services. What’s the Difference?

CYCP - Atlanta Career Counseling

With economic concerns and layoff concerns, we want you to take advantage of the career resources that are available to you. However, it’s also important to know what each career resource offers as well as how they differ to make sure that you leverage them in the best way.

Outplacement Services. This is a service that companies provide to their employees when they are laid off. Outplacement services is job search focused and can include resume and LinkedIn writing services, career coaching, and interview training. Outplacement services can also provide helpful resources that job seekers can use when looking for a new job. Since your employer provides this service, it is free of cost to you.

When utilizing your outplacement services, your time with a coach might be limited, so be clear about your obstacles and where you need the most help. Also, be prepared for your sessions to get the most out of the time you have with your coach.

Career Counseling. Career Counseling in Atlanta, or anywhere else, is a service that is available to anyone who wants help with their career development. Career counselors will help you determine what you want out of your career and help you create a plan to achieve your goals. Career counseling also includes job search strategy, resume, and LinkedIn writing.

Career counseling is a paid service, so it’s important to do your research and find a reputable company with qualified coaches. They should be able to provide you with a structure or process but you will also have to do your part to get the most out of career counseling.

Career Counseling vs. Outplacement Services. Outplacement services are a wonderful resource that more companies are offering to employees. However, keep in mind that most outplacement services will provide you with the basics and it won’t be too personalized to you and your situation. Outplacement services might have a waiting list. And you will most likely be competing with your coworkers for your new job.

Career counseling in Atlanta, or in your location, will provide you with tailored advice to you and your unique situation. They will also help you to discover the right career fit to find, not just a job, but  a job you love. Career counseling will also help you to leverage LinkedIn and the hidden job market in your job search.

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