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Career Seekers Teleclass Outline

Month 1- Career current reality and defining what you want in a job, Uncovering your values and priorities, Defining what’s fulfilling to you, Designing your career and life around your values and priorities, Visualize your goals for greater clarity, focus and success

Month 2- Turn disempowering beliefs into empowering beliefs, Writing your purpose statement for laser focus and ultimate fulfillment, Identifying your natural talents and abilities and how to use them in alignment with your passion

Month 3-How to create wealth in alignment with your passion: combining purpose, interests, values, talents and passion, Visualizing your ideal work environment, Dealing with those pesky negative thoughts that hold us back-how to handle them in order to move forward

Month 4-Develop greater confidence now, Creating a plan of action: How to handle the basics during transition, Identifying your short and long-term goals, Creating a safety net, Learn to stretch beyond your comfort zone

-Teleclass utilizes principles from the book “I Can’t Believe I Get Paid to Do This!” Contact me for more info or to sign up!