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Career Tip: Dream first

Last month I talked about being or becoming financially stable before making a big career change. It is hard to dream about where you want to go when you are focused on paying your bills. Once you have a plan to meet your basic financial needs, it’s time to dream first – and dream big. When I work with career clients, I ask them to dream first and worry about the practicality of their dream later. What I find is that people tend to focus so much on the practical side of “how will I make this work” that they squash any creative idea or thought that may have merit – or may lead them to something they’d love to do. While practicality is important, it can get in our way if we begin there. It’s vital to start with the dream and then brainstorm ways to make it a reality. Practicality can get in our way if we begin with that, it stunts the brainstorming process. So what is your dream? Dream big!