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Career Corner: Online Career Networking

How to Get Noticed, Be Remembered, and Singled Out for Your New Job

Tip #1 for making the most of your online career networking experience

-Join networks that contain a cross-representation of related professionals, as well as a network of your professionals in your specific field.

In addition to the larger, general networking sites, see if you can find online sites that cater to your area of interest. Associations or trade groups/associations might have them. It’s worth checking this out because that way your search and networking efforts will be that much more focused. You may even find someone to partner with in your future career. So focus first, then cast a wider net for the reason below…

Let’s say you’re a web designer by trade. One of your ideal networking groups might consist of entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, plus copywriters, virtual assistants, and computer experts. That way you’re not competing with a group of other people who do the exact same thing as you. Instead, you’re making contact with folks who may one day need your service, or recommend you to their associates. Think team building potential!

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