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Career Corner: Interview Tips from Re:Focus on Careers – Face-to-face Interviews: Make a Good First Impression Part IV

I recently spoke to a great
networking and career search group, Re:Focus on Careers, about creating a kick ass elevator speech. Keep an eye out for all of these free interview tips in my Career Corner posts:

Make a Good First Impression

The outcome of the interview will depend largely on the impression you make during the first five minutes. To succeed, you must project a professional, competent and enthusiastic image. Your aim is to convince the interviewer that you would be an asset to the company. Keep the following in mind:

4. Handshake. A firm handshake is appropriate and projects confidence. Make eye contact when you shake.

Extra Tip from Career Coach Hallie: I have come across too any people who have a limp handshake and it makes an impression on me. I immediately assume that they are less confident. Don’t let this happen to you! Be assertive with your handshake, smile and look them in the eye. It makes a huge difference.

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