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Inspirational Thought -Tips for Maintaining Balance When Setting Goals

Last week, I shared a quote about goal setting with you and encouraged you to enjoy the process of working towards a goal.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind to look ahead and maintain balance in your life: 

a. Your "To Do" list is never ending
Not to sound ominous, but your list is never going to end. You might as well enjoy the journey. Notice if you’re living each day like it’s your purpose to get everything done on your list. Do you tell yourself that if you can only get things done, you’ll feel relaxed and happy? There will always be unfinished items on your list, so enjoy the process instead of being run by your desire to get everything accomplished. Be happy and at peace now, don’t wait until you’ve checked everything off.

b. Be honest with yourself
If a goal doesn’t really fit or is something you think you should do but aren’t really energized about, ask yourself…Do I really need to be doing this? Get rid of the goal, change it, or put it on the backburner for a later date when you feel more energized about it. Similarly, if a goal is too big and makes you feel overwhelmed or frozen into inaction, change it or change its deadline.

c. Cut yourself some slack
Give yourself a break. Goals are a tool to help you plan and motivate you, not something to beat yourself up with if you don’t achieve them or achieve them in the time frame you expected. Cut yourself some slack and acknowledge that you’re headed in the right direction. Instead of getting frustrated over small setbacks, learn from them and move on.

Hallie Crawford
Career Tips