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Career Corner: Interview Tips from Re:Focus on Careers – Face-to-face Interviews: Make a Good First Impression Part V

I recently spoke to a great
networking and career search group, Re:Focus on Careers, about creating a kick ass elevator speech. Keep an eye out for all of these free interview tips in my Career Corner posts:

Make a Good First Impression

The outcome of the interview will depend largely on the impression you make during the first five minutes. To succeed, you must project a professional, competent and enthusiastic image. Your aim is to convince the interviewer that you would be an asset to the company. Keep the following in mind:

5. Body language. Send the right message by standing straight, moving confidently, and sitting slightly forward in your chair.

Extra Tip from Career Coach Hallie: Practice this beforehand. For example, I’ll ask a client to sit in a way that makes them feel confident and tell them to show me what that looks like for them. Do that in the interview, always sitting slightly forward to show interest in the conversation.

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Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach
Career Speaker