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Career Corner: Interview Tips from Re:Focus on Careers – Face-to-face Interviews: Follow Through

I recently spoke to a great
networking and career search group, Re:Focus on Careers, about creating a kick ass elevator speech. Here is the last of the free interview tips. To go back and read all of them, check out the Career Corner posts:

Follow Through

This is a crucial and often-overlooked final step in the interviewing process.

It is essential that you write a thank-you note to every person you met at the company. Your most important letter(s) should go to the interviewer(s). In your letter, be sure to summarize your conversation and re-emphasize the skills you would bring to the position. Thank them for their time and ask if it’s all right to call later in the week to see how their search for a candidate is going. That candidate may well be you!

Extra Tip from finding a career you love, go here: I’d be happy to discuss!

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