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Career Corner: Interview Tips from Re:Focus on Careers – Face-to-face Interviews: Conduct the Interview Part IV

I recently spoke to a great
networking and career search group, Re:Focus on Careers, about creating a kick ass elevator speech. Keep an eye out for all of these free interview tips in my Career Corner posts:

Conduct the Interview

Have your own agenda and know where the interview should be heading. This will give you confidence and help you move from one area of questioning to the next. Remember: Most interviewers are as uncomfortable as you are. They just want the position to be filled as fast as possible. If you can put the interviewer at ease by helping things move smoothly, you’ll improve your chances of being hired. Remember the following:

4. Negative statements about previous jobs or employers. NEVER make them. Instead, be diplomatic. No matter how bad your last job or boss was, there’s probably something good you learned from the experience. Emphasize the positive — with a smile.

Extra Tip from Career Coach Hallie: This may seem like an obvious tip but I’ve seen too many people get caught up in the conversation, feeling like they’re talking to a friend instead of a prospective employer and start saying negative things about their previous jobs. Remember you want to establish rapport with the interviewer, that will help your chances of being hired, but always remain professional.

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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach
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