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Hallie Recommends – Feel Good Guide To Prosperity Audiobook by Eva Gregory

Eva is a master coach, speaker & author. She specializes in empowering individuals to create outstanding results in their lives using the principles of Law of Attraction, featured in the movie The Secret. I endorse her and highly recommend her products to help you create more abundance and prosperity in your life. In The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, you will be shown simple explanations and numerous examples of exactly how you can apply these principles in your own life, regardless of your current situation! Eva clearly articulates just how you can:

•    Apply the three most powerful Laws in the Universe
•    Stop getting what you don’t want and start getting what you do want
•    Become a filter for clarifying what you want
•    Attract your ideal partner
•    Increase prosperity in every area of your life
•    Develop an attractive attitude
•    Develop a magnetic lifestyle
•    And much more

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Have a great weekend!
Hallie Crawford
Career Seekers Career Coach