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Career Corner: Calculated Risk #3 to Benefit Your College Grad During Career Transition

More and more young adults are finding themselves at a crossroads right out of college, striving to find the career path that truly works for them. If your college grad is among this growing statistic, offer them this advice on some of the calculated career risks your son or daughter may need to consider in order to make a change to their ideal career path.

Calculated Risk #3: Say no to added responsibility

It may sound counterproductive to an up-and-comer’s thriving career, but advising your adult child to say ‘no’ to a proposed promotion may be just the advice they need.  Not all promotions or projects will put them on the career path to success, and being able to weigh those decisions is key to career longevity and happiness. Sometimes standing up and saying no – even to more money or recognition – is the best response. It also helps set the tone and builds your son or daughter’s reputation as a person of character and foresight.

Here’s to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Certified Career Coach