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Career Corner: Calculated Risk #2 to Benefit Your College Grad During Career Transition

More and more young adults are finding themselves at a crossroads right out of college, striving to find the career path that truly works for them. If your college grad is among this growing statistic, offer them this advice on some of the calculated career risks your son or daughter may need to consider in order to make a change to their ideal career path.

Calculated Risk #2: Change careers

Struggling day in and day out in a career one doesn’t enjoy is a thing of the past! In today’s work environment, people are making the changes that put them in roles that are personally satisfying and fulfilling. If your college grad is toiling in a job they despise, but hangs in there because it is a paycheck and there is a sense of comfort in the routine and familiar role, you may want to talk to them about what’s truly important to their future.

Encourage your son or daughter to put some thought and research into what they really want to do with their life – and to find something they love – before they’ve spent decades clocking in to a job that makes them miserable. But, again, encourage them to really research their options so that they do not make the same mistake twice and leap into another career that is a disappointment.

Here’s to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach