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Career Corner: Calculated Risk #4 to Benefit Your College Grad During Career Transition

More and more young adults are finding themselves at a crossroads right out of college, striving to find the career path that truly works for them. If your college grad is among this growing statistic, offer them this advice on some of the calculated career risks your son or daughter may need to consider in order to make a change to their ideal career path.

Calculated Risk #4: Start a business

Many college grads enter the working world only to realize that reporting to someone else is harder than it seems! If your adult child has an entrepreneurial spirit, now may be the time to encourage him or her to harness that ambition and put it into their own business.

If your son or daughter wants to pursue their dream of being their own boss and starting their own business, encourage them to do their homework and research all aspects of the industry, including talking to others who have taken similar paths and building a solid network within their chosen field.

Discuss with them, too, some of the hazards of moving away from a full-time job, such as having a steady income, paid vacation and health insurance. By considering all aspects of starting a business, your adult child will have a more realistic shot at developing a career path they love!

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Work/Life Balance Coach