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Career Corner: Calculated Risk #1 to Benefit Your College Grad During Career Transition

More and more young adults are finding themselves at a crossroads right out of college, striving to find the career path that truly works for them. If your college grad is among this growing statistic, offer them this advice on some of the calculated career risks your son or daughter may need to consider in order to make a change to their ideal career path.

Calculated Risk #1:
If your college grad can handle the financial responsibility of going back to school – and can juggle it along with the other responsibilities – additional education can move their career forward. An advanced degree or added certification can help your son or daughter reach their end goal, whether that is gaining a raise or promotion or changing their career path altogether.

Encourage your college grad to fully investigate their options. Have them talk it over with their boss or mentors to find out if making this financial and time commitment is really worth the while. After all, in some fields an advanced degree matters; in others it does not.

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Planning Coach