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Ideal Career Model

CYCP Ideal Career Model


Finding the right career takes time. There are many factors to consider to find the right fit and there are so many career options out there. We use our trademarked Ideal Career Model as a simple, easy-to-follow checklist to organize your thinking, help you brainstorm ideas effectively, and ensure you are covering all of your bases.

If you feel overwhelmed, like you have so many ideas in your head (like the spin cycle in the dryer :), are just having a hard time narrowing things down, or just getting started; I promise our model can help you. People love it. I developed this model when I first started coaching to help our clients quickly and easily see everything that they need to be thinking about to define their career direction in one place. The model goes beyond career assessments and books because it covers every element you need to consider, not just one piece.

Assessments are helpful! They give you accurate information, quickly. However, they are only designed to tell you one component of your career fit (personality type, interest, or strengths, for example.) They don’t take into consideration work environment, compensation, and more. If you’ve taken a career assessment before and thought, “But I don’t want to be a circus clown?!”, you’re in the right place. Each piece of our model will help you uncover new possibilities. These factors will help you think through different options and narrow down your list to ensure you’re not only pursuing the right job but also landing in the right work environment at the right compensation.

If this sounds like what you need, get started today by choosing the package that works for you and signing up. Or schedule a free call with us.