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Ideal Career Model

CYCP Ideal Career Model

Finding the right career takes time and patience, and there are lots of factors to consider to help you discover all of the options that are out there and narrow down your ideas. At Create Your Career Path, we use our trademarked Ideal Career Model to help you on your journey to discovering the right career.

This model incorporates all of the qualities that are important for you to consider in the process of figuring out what you want to do next: fulfillment, enjoyment, strengths, experience, education, personality, environment, and compensation. Designed like a puzzle, our Ideal Career Model shows the pieces falling into place as you paint the picture of your ideal career.

Each piece of our Ideal Career Model will help you discover new career possibilities and paths. These factors will help you think through the options and narrow down your list to help ensure you’re not only pursuing the job you’ve always wanted, but that you’ll land in the best environment where you can thrive, and at the compensation you need at this point in your life.

Does our Ideal Career Model sound like the direction you need to follow in order to find the right career fit? Get started today at to view our career coaching packages and sign up.