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Coaching & Career Networking Group

CYCP - Online Career Coaching Group

Get answers and support! Our $25/month group includes ongoing online support from our coaches, free resources, and live group calls – as well as networking opportunities.

You’re not alone. Working towards any career goal is not something you should do alone. Whether it is job searching, career planning, transitioning, balancing work and life, finding your direction, or getting to the next level, many of our clients have expressed feelings of isolation during their journey.

 We understand, so we’ve created a private online community for you to share your questions, thoughts, suggestions, and struggles in a supportive forum with others who have or are going through the same thing. You will get ongoing answers from our career coach, Tiffani Martin, who will log in regularly to respond to questions and comments and will host live Q&A Zoom sessions twice a month.

What members are saying:

“One cannot ask for a better group facilitator! Tiffani Martin goes above and beyond in being attentive and supportive of her clients’ needs in our group. Ranging among personalized discussion topics, I have valued the networking with professionals. All are welcome; please join us!”

“The group leader’s experience and dedication have provided me with the exact direction and accountability I needed! I’m grateful for this affordable service.” – Tania


  1. Online support from a career coach and the group.
  2. Two live, group Q&A Zoom calls per month to ask career questions.
  3. Recordings of the calls.
  4. Networking with like-minded professionals.
  5. Free resources, articles, worksheets, and presentation slides.

This is a group hosted on our platform. It does not have the distractions you may see from other social media channels. Free resources and articles designed to help you on your journey will be provided. Participate as you choose. If you prefer to not actively participate in discussion threads, sit in on a group session instead or read the articles and resources posted by the community

Once payment is made, you will be added to the group and receive an email with login instructions within 24 hours. Then you can start chatting!


  1. $25/month. 2 month minimum.
  2. Automatically billed every 30 days.
  3. Cancel anytime with 10 days notice prior to your next billing date.