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Affirmations with an exclamation!

This was also printed in H2O magazine, but I wanted to share it with you because I really liked it. It was written by one of my associate career coaches Terry Wynne

Do you want to have more control of your current job, job search, future career, next interview, or other circumstances in your life?  Try using affirmations. Affirmations are statements of what you want for yourself.  These statements are in the present tense without the use of the words, “no” or “not.”  Some examples are:

  • I have a career I love.
  • My boss, my co-workers and I respect each other and each other’s ideas.
  • I make a salary large enough to meet all of my needs.

The reason you avoid using “no” or “not” is because your mind believes what you tell it, but your mind doesn’t comprehend a negative request; it only comprehends what to do, much like a computer.  If you put in “no” or “not,” your mind will delete these words and give you what you don’t want.  Instead of “I am not a good interviewee,” a better affirmation is “I interview well and describe my qualifications expertly.”

Likewise, using the present tense is important so that you mind implements what you tell it right now. Using “I will” or “I must” only results in your mind delaying your request because “will” or “must” is an affirmation for your mind to delay your request until the future.   Instead of “I will not find a job,” use “I find job opportunities that are interesting to me.”   Again, think of your computer – it does what you tell it to do, when you tell it to do it so use present tense.

The best way to use affirmations is to put your desires in writing, and read them at least three or more times a day.  Place your affirmations where you can see them consistently — on your mirror, your computer, in your wallet, and on your night stand. Even if you don’t believe your affirmations initially, pretend to believe them and in time, you will.  Afterall, affirmations are a way to change an existing situation into the way you want the situation to exist.

Affirmations are powerful because you become what you think. Don’t believe affirmations work?  Ask people who use them to tell you their experiences.  Then you’ll quickly understand why you need to put your affirmations in writing – so you can remember your requests, recognize when your request becomes reality, be grateful, and create your next affirmations.  What a way to give yourself a feeling of hope, belief, and control!

-Reprinted with permission from H20 Magazine

Terry Wynne
Certified Career Coach

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