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Six things you need to organize your job search

You’ve heard it before – looking for a job is a job in itself! If you’re starting a job search, you must have tracking methods to keep tabs on your action steps and progress.

The following are some essentials you’ll need to know what you’ve done, who you’ve seen, and what you need to do next in your job search:

  • Computer and a printer for emailing your resume and cover letter to prospective employers.
  • Quality resume paper, matching blank resume paper, matching envelopes, and stamps for snail mailing your resume to prospective employers.
  • Computerized or paper calendar to track the date you mailed a resume as well as the date you need to call to follow-up.
  • Computerized calendar or paper appointment book with times for scheduling interviews.
  • Professional message on your voicemail to take messages from prospective employers when you’re not available to answer the phone.
  • An agreement with your family, roommates, and friends as to privacy and the times they can or cannot interrupt you during your job search.

With the essential tools, self-discipline, an optimistic outlook, patience, and persistence, you will be on your way to your ideal next job!

Terry Wynne
Certified Career Coach

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