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I am too young to retire!

A lot of people feel like they just cannot retire and they worry about what they would do with all the free time! It sounds very good to me, but I can see being worried about the same thing. Wanting to have a sense of purpose and activities to not only occupy my time but also give me a sense of meaning and fulfillment. If you feel retirement is eminent, but feel too young and vital to retire totally, here are some options to explore:

1) Don’t Leave:  Advise your manager that you do not want to retire any time soon, and craft with them your next job. You never know what they will say!

2) Take Advantage of Flex Arrangements:  Work part-time for you current company, so that you have income and the time to think about what you want to do. Set a timeframe for this transition or next phase so you have a set plan.

3) Explore Your Passions: Turn a passion into a full time business and work with SCORE, an organization filled with ex business professionals who can help you with your business plan. Find a business partner who shares the same passion perhaps.

4) Volunteer:  One can get lots of satisfaction from using talents to benefit others. Find organizations in your area, or look online for ways you can serve outside your area virtually perhaps:

5) Become a Consultant:   Often former employers will hire you back as a consultant.  They value your expertise, but now they don’t have to pay for benefits. You can work on multiple projects at once, or one at a time.

Katie Weiser
Certified Career Coach

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