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3 Ways to Ace Your Performance Review

work performance review

work performance reviewHallie’s latest US News article addresses something that stresses almost all business professionals- the dreaded performance review. Read on to find out how to get through it with flying colors.

Performance reviews, like public speaking and moving, can be stressful and are not most professionals’ favorite thing to do. Many employees feel that they aren’t really relevant or accurate. Some managers view them as more of a formality. According to a Cornerstone OnDemand/Harris study conducted in 2011, less than half (45 percent) of the professionals who participated in performance reviews said “the feedback they receive is a fair and accurate representation of their performance.” This just adds to an employee’s stress and frustration about the process.

When a performance review is conducted well, however, it can help an organization become stronger. And either way, performance reviews are part of being a professional, so it’s important to know how to handle them as effectively as you can.

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