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Your Career: Two Ways to Make the Most of Your Negative Traits


career-weaknessesHallie Crawford’s article, “Why You Should Value Your Weakness in the Workplace”, as seen in US News:

Many articles focus on how to use our strengths in the workplace. This is very important, because we were all born with natural talents and abilities, and learning how to use them in the workplace helps us be more productive, successful and fulfilled in our career.

However, it’s also important to think about our weaknesses. We usually don’t think about them, because weaknesses can be viewed as negative personality traits. And it’s true that we should spend most of our time leveraging our strengths rather than improving our weaknesses. However, these negative traits are part of who we are, just as our strengths are. Not owning them or accepting them is like not accepting a part of who we are – warts and all.

Plus, in some cases, we can learn from our weaknesses or negative traits. Sometimes they can be channeled to become strengths when used in the right way, or they can become more positive traits if we take a different perspective on them. Either way, we must learn to accept our weaknesses and understand them, in order to be professionally successful. It is an important part of being emotionally intelligent and self-aware.

Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach, will tell you the two ways you can begin to work with your negative traits, in her article, featured on US News.

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