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Your Career: How to Ensure You’re Delivering Efficient, Professional Messages


your-careerYour career is important, so take a few minutes to read this! Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach was recently asked to write an article, “Do These 4 Things Before Sending an Email”, for US News.

No matter what your current position or role is, you most likely have to be a writer as well – at least in emailing effectively. A 2012 McKinsey Global Institute study found that 28 percent of an average work week is spent reading and answering emails. That’s a lot of writing.

Unfortunately, in today’s social media world, we sometimes forget that emails contain more than 140 characters and need to be written effectively, especially when it comes to communicating with clients and co-workers. Employers are often less than satisfied with their employees’ writing skills.

The next time you prepare a work email, make sure to check it against the following pointers:

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