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You Had Me at Hello! Create an Unforgettable Impression With a “Can’t Miss” Elevator Speech

elevator speech

What is an elevator speech? Basically, an elevator speech is a pitch of about 150 words that lasts only 12-20 seconds, the length of an elevator ride. This pitch should spotlight the uniqueness or benefits you provide. Make sure that you make this speech about them, your audience, not you. Pretend you’re in their shoes to help you think of what you should include in your speech. Think about how to make a good impression and show your personality so your audience knows who you are and what makes you unique. And an extra tip: Be memorable! Mention two or three interesting personal things about you.

Writing your elevator speech. There are three important elements to writing an elevator speech.

  1. Identify your target audience. Where are you using it? With whom and for what purpose?
  2. Write down the “deliverables” – the services or features that you provide, and the benefits your clients or customers derive from your services.
  3. Choose an opening sentence that will grab the listener’s attention.

Delivery. When you deliver your elevator speech, you want it to be delivered effortlessly and for it to flow right out. So you have to practice. Make sure your speech is authentic and something you’re comfortable with. People connect with people who are real and authentic. Your speech should feel good and get you pumped about what you do. Tap into your passion. What do you love about what you do? Make sure to show personality with your body language, eye contact, and voice inflection.

Action steps. Before attending an event, there are six key action steps you should take.

  1. Decide on your intentions – what is your objective with the elevator speech?
  2. Write it on a note card.
  3. Record it and play it back – do you sound confident, sincere, engaging?
  4. Practice on 3 people this week. What do they think?
  5. Ask your friends/family for help.
  6. Practice makes perfect!

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