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What is it REALLY like to work for that company?

I was recently on a group coaching call where we discussed how to research a company and its work environment. We really focused on how to get true answers, and how to really know in an interview if the company is putting its best foot forward.

Here are some tips to help you find out what it is really like to work for a specific company:

  • Talk to your friends! Find out if they know someone who works there, whether it’s through their circle of friends or their LinkedIn network.
  • Once you have a connection to the company, ask what the work environment is like and what the culture is about. Be sure to ask specific questions like, “What is the management’s style?” or “What is the company’s values?”
  • Ask if you can meet with people you will be working with, as well as your prospective boss.
  • When you go for the interview, pay attention to how it feels to be in the office. Are people hurried and running around. Do they stop to say hello? What is the pace? How does it feel to be there?
  • Pay attention to the décor and office feel. Are the furniture and decorations stuffy, or more creative? Is it a formal or informal environment?
  • Go to to read reviews, but use it with a grain of salt. Sometimes ex-employees might write something that isn’t actual reflective of the company because they are upset about something. So while it’s a great place to look, just be sure you do additional homework. Here is a helpful application for
  • Set up a Google alert to track what is being said about that specific company.
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Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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