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How job searching has changed

Employers can learn more about you these days because of social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook) and search engines, such as Google. It’s a lot easier to find out personal and private information about people then it used to be. As a professional, you have to be tolerant and understanding of this. Be aware of what’s online about you. Google search yourself once every 3 months so you know what people can learn about you.

When it comes to job search, social networking is not optional anymore. People often resist social networks because of privacy issues, but these days you have to get on board. For example, as a job seeker you HAVE to be on LinkedIn (for most industries). Most employers are easily able to find potential employees on LinkedIn, so this can be a great tool for your job search. Even on Facebook your network of friends can let you know about job openings and vice versa.

Social media is a great way to tap into hidden job market. You need to do it, at least to a certain extent. Yes, you SHOULD protect your privacy and make sure you understand privacy settings, but don’t let it scare you out of this opportunity.

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Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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