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What Does Your Career Path Look Like in 2023?

Define Your Career Path

Do you have a clear vision of your career path this year? Many professionals are unsure about what this year will look like for them. There are concerns about continued inflation, but recent reports show that the labor market is currently healthy. While it’s difficult to say at the beginning of 2023 exactly what the job market trends will look like for the rest of the year, there have been some changes to the workforce that are expected to continue.

We understand that creating a career path can be challenging, so we want to help you. You can leverage our trademarked Ideal Career Model below and here’s a look at some of the trends to take into account for your career path in 2023:

Networking. Networking is nothing new, but with fears of a recession, layoffs, and a competitive job market, it’s essential to expand your network. This can mean new connections on LinkedIn or in-person events. We recommend that you attend an industry-specific networking event to make new connections and to get a sense of what the current trends are for your industry.

Whether you are looking for a new job this year or just want to be prepared for what’s coming next, networking needs to be a piece of your career path this year. Set aside some time weekly to check in with your LinkedIn network, make meaningful connections, and join an industry-specific LinkedIn group.

The Gig Economy. The Gig Economy picked up towards the end of 2022 and this is expected to continue. Many professionals have discovered that they can do what they love by taking on gig jobs. Some have moved to working gigs exclusively while others have taken on gig work as a side hustle to offset rising costs.       

If you are considering taking on a side hustle or moving to gig work this year, it’s important to avoid burnout. Working multiple jobs can increase your income, but it can also increase your stress levels. Think about your long-term career path (for example, your 10-year career goal) and ask yourself how this will help you reach that goal in the long run. If it doesn’t, we recommend thinking about other ways to reach your goal. This could be asking your boss for a raise or other perks.

More flexibility. More flexibility in the workplace is expected to continue since many professionals continue to demand this from their employers. This could be working a hybrid model or exclusively working remotely. This could also be a four-day workweek, which was recently tested by several companies and showed increased productivity in the workplace.

If you are looking for greater flexibility this year, compare your current work schedule with what you would ideally like it to be. Create a plan for how you would accomplish your tasks and projects with a modified work schedule and take it to your boss. Be prepared to negotiate with your manager until you reach an agreement that you are both happy with. If your boss is unwilling to negotiate right now, ask if you can negotiate again for more flexibility a little later in the year. If you see that your organization is unwilling to provide more flexibility, it may be time to start thinking about making a career move.

Upskilling. It’s expected that organizations will build more robust programs for providing their employees with training, certifications, and continued education. They hope this will increase employee retention and show their employees that they are invested in their long-term career growth.

We recommend talking to your organization about their programs for upskilling. Find out how you can qualify or get reimbursed for any continued education in your career path. If they don’t offer or plan to offer any programs in 2023, that could be a red flag that they aren’t that interested in your long-term career path.

Thinking about current and continued trends can help you envision your career path and also set new goals for this year. If you need help moving forward this year using our Ideal Career Model below, find out how we can help you today.