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Ways to Prepare for a Career Move in 2023

Start Your Career Planning

Have you decided what your next career move will be in 2023? It’s important to avoid staying stagnant professionally, so we need to continue to evolve, plan, and be proactive. Many people assume that a career move has to be a huge change, like a new career, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

A career move could include things like:

  • Increased responsibility in your current role
  • A new role within the same organization
  • A promotion
  • Gig work

If you are thinking you will figure this out after vacation, we encourage you to start now instead. This is a great time to get started! Use some of your downtime to analyze what is working and what is not working at your current job. Create a “contrast list” of things you like and things you dislike about your job and what you’d want to have instead. Can you set some short-term goals for yourself based on those lists?

Next, review your strategic career plan (and if you don’t have one, contact us to get started on it!) Many people create strategic career plans but then put them away. Now is a great opportunity to review the goals you previously set for yourself at this time in your career. How does your plan compare to where you are currently? What adjustments do you need to make to align your current path with your strategic career plan next year?

This is also a great time to review and update your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your headshot, accomplishments, and about section are up to date. Include a link to your online portfolio and website, if applicable. Then, make it easy for others to view your profile and connect with you by including your LinkedIn profile link in your email signature.

If your organization has annual reviews, that could be a great opportunity to talk to your boss about your role and your professional development. Does your organization have any programs for career growth available to you? Are there any job openings at the organization that would fit better with your strengths?

Another way to prepare for a career move is to take some online courses. Sites like or LinkedIn Learning can help you to sharpen your skill set or learn new skills that could help you be ready for a promotion or for taking on a side gig.

It can also be helpful to sign up for newsletters from career-related websites. These can send you ideas and helpful articles each month to help you with your professional development. You can sign up for our newsletter here!

Need more help planning for your career move? Schedule a free consult here.