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What are your talents and skills

I had a client in one of our coaching groups recently say to me she didn’t know what her challenges were or things she had to improve on. And, she wasn’t sure what her talents were either. I’ve been there, done that! Until we know what our talents are, it’s hard to define what career is right for us-and know how we stand out from the crowd.

Here are 2 great ways to get answers to these questions-by seeing ourselves through other’s eyes.

This comes from DailyOm. Blurb below and 2 examples of how to do this:

“Being with others is a wonderful way to learn more about ourselves. When we see the world through the eyes of other people we become more open to new ideas as well as differing viewpoints, since we are sometimes bound to our own opinions about how the world should be. This sense of blindness lifts when we are with other people, for the more open we are to them, the more we are able to see the various parts of ourselves that we have covered up. Others become a mirror reflecting parts of ourselves back to us and allowing us to see what is both wonderful about ourselves and what we need to improve.”

1) A great way to uncover hidden skills or talents you don’t realize you have is to ask people who know you well. Ask them this week, what is my greatest strength or what do I do better than most people you know? Listen closely to what theu say. Take it in and don’t argue with them.

2) Also, don’t brush off compliments. We tend to do this in an effort to be humble. Guess what-you can be humble and also graciously accept a compliment. Let it in, say thank you when someone says they’re proud of you, or when they say you have a talent for something. Smile and truly accept it.

Here’s to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
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