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Improve your job search with a part-time job

I really want to highlight this article written by Sabine Francois because it has positive points for recent college graduates and other job seekers:

Sabine shares that although she has not found her dream job, she was able to get a part-time job. She now is able to relax a little because of having some money coming in and is hoping to be able to do an internship in a field she is interested in part-time.

Like Sabine, you may not have landed your dream job yet. But, her story is very encouraging as she points out the positives of even getting a part-time job in your local area while you search.

Having a part time job allows you to gain work experience and building your resume. Even if this part-time position has nothing to do with your chosen field; you have the opportunity to be interacting and networking with clients, co-workers and supervisors. You also do not have a huge gap of no work experience in your resume.

A part-time position can also give you a confidence boost (like it has with Sabine), especially if your job search has been going on for awhile and you’re feeling frustrated. Most certainly, even a part-time job brings financial help and support.

With a part-time job, you have many options. You will still have some free time and a schedule that allows you to continue the search for your ideal career. In Sabine’s case, her part-time job will enable her to take on an unpaid internship in her chosen field when she’s not working.

And last but, not least: When you do find that perfect position, you will be accustomed to being on a schedule, as opposed to having to go from full-on vacation mode to full-time work mode.

So even if you can’t find your dream job right now, look into some part-time jobs, while continuing your job search strategy.

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach Atlanta

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