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Watch what you say at work, but be yourself

I was excited to be interviewed for this article a few weeks ago about talking politics at work, Political discretion advised. It has some good advice to check out from everyone interviewed that I think we should all keep in mind. It takes a balance between watching what you say at work, always remembering that you are ‘on’, and being yourself.

It’s critical to feel like you can be authentic at work, so don’t go to the other extreme. Just remember that you don’t have to let it ALL hang out. Some topics are better suited for your personal life, and some better for work. Others are sometimes acceptable. For example, political views, your recent divorce, or some other personal topic that you want to share, just don’t go too in depth about it.

Practice balancing your conversation topics in the workplace. This week at work, really attend to the image you’re projecting. What are you wearing, what’s your posture and body language and how much do you share about your personal life.

Hallie Crawford
Job Performance Coach

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