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Managing versus being a ‘worker bee’

I was excited to be interviewed for this recent article on, So, You Want a Raise… I wanted to discuss a few additional thoughts with you. I think that new managers under-estimate how different managing is versus being a ‘worker bee’ is in terms of not just their role in an organization, but also the skills it takes to lead a team. You go from having your agenda set for you, to being a part of the bigger picture. It requires that you see your job from a much broader perspective.

Also, managing people requires communication skills and an understanding of people. At least a higher level understanding than being an employee does. I advise that people take it seriously and take the time to develop those needed skill set. Yes, you can survive and muddle through while learning along the way (that is part of the process as well). Just be thoughtful about it and observe yourself as a manager. This way you can adjust as needed through the process. Don’t just dive in without looking.

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Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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