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Turning lemons into lemonade

Finding your dream job sounds great right, but what if you can’t just jump ship? What if you’re stuck in your job for the time being because of financial reasons for example? I was talking to a client Anna about this the other day—sometimes we just have to make the best of where we are now. She can’t just quit her job; she’s in a dual income household that relies on her income. So for the moment at least, she has to make the best of it.

Watch this video to learn more:

How can you turn lemons into lemonade?

There are small things you can do that can have a big impact on your job satisfaction. How can you turn lemons into lemonade at your work? Make a list of the things that bother you at work (however long it is!) and start brainstorming. Do you need to take a break in the middle of the day-get outside and take a walk if you can, even for just 15 minutes? Taking a break can re-energize you. If you feel isolated in your work because you’re not getting enough interaction with others-schedule lunch and coffee dates with co-workers or friends. Find ways to get out of the office, or to socialize more within your office or office building. One of my clients simply wrote down a list of accomplishments at the end of her day-every day-and she felt so much more satisfied with her work simply because she had a clearer sense of what she’d achieved every day. It doesn’t have to be hard, try a few things and see what happens. It’s worth the effort when you just have to make the best of it.

Hallie Crawford
Job Help Coach