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Kick in the pants

Sometimes people just need a kick in the pants. My friend Lauren’s husband started his own successful law firm 5 years ago. How long was he wanting to pursue that dream? 7 years. It took his law firm dissolving in order to get him to step out on his own. Now I’m not saying he never would’ve ventured out….he probably would have. But some people never would, and some of us just need a push to pursue our dream, because let’s be honest, it can be scary!

I needed that push years ago to start my coaching practice, I’ll admit it. I was comfy in a part-time job that paid my bills, coaching on the side and I was enjoying the dual income. I got comfortable and it took one of my career coaching friends reminding me I’d given myself a 2 year timeline to go out on my own. It was getting close to that time and I hadn’t yet made a move. She poked me, and I did, I gave my notice several weeks later. So do you just need a kick in the pants??? Here it is… Check out this video about how you should stop thinking about or planning your career change, and start talking to people about it to make it happen.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach