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To Tell or Not To Tell?

Remember the childhood game you played called gossip? The first person whispers a secret in the ear of the person next to them, who then repeats what they heard to the next person, until everyone has heard the secret. By the time the whisper reaches the last person, the original message is totally distorted and everyone has a good laugh!

What happens when you play gossip at work with the secret that you’re looking for another job? You tell your closest friend at work, who of course tells the cubicle-sharing co-worker, who wants to make conversation with the cute new hire, who doesn’t know anything about anybody and tells the boss. In the end, nobody is laughing, and least of all you!

If you’re looking for another job, consider the consequences of telling anyone with whom you work. If the gossip gets to someone in authority, would your workload change, enlarge, or diminish? Might your boss ask to talk to you? Could you have negative repercussions?

Gossip has its place as an old-fashioned game of fun, but telling coworkers that you’re looking for another job and hoping they’ll keep your secret, is just too risky. If you want to tell someone, tell your family, friends outside of work, your career coach, minister, or psychic reader – but not anyone at work. When you’re tempted to play the old-fashioned game of gossip at work by revealing your own secret, remind yourself of the equally applicable old-fashioned saying: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches