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Best Colors to Wear to an Interview

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Ever wonder what colors are best to wear to an interview? According to a recent article,  good choices of colors to wear to an interview are conservative ones such as black, blue, gray, and brown. On the other hand, green, yellow, orange, and purple are risky to wear to interviews because they express so much creativity.

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Following is an analysis of what the article states that specific colors express:

  • black expresses leadership
  • blue  expresses a team player
  • gray expresses you’re logical/analytical
  • white expresses being organized
  • brown expresses dependability
  • red expresses power

For the most part, employers want to hire people who fit their culture. Fitting in their culture means that other employees find you credible and so do the organization’s clientele. When choosing the colors you’ll wear to an interview, conservative ones are a safer choice than wearing brighter ones because of the message conservative colors convey. Still undecided as to what to wear? When it comes to your choice or colors, if you really want to impress a prospective employer, just remember the old saying, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches

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