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Tips to Survive the Money Crisis

It seems that all anyone can talk about these days is the "money crisis". It's on TV, the internet and in our newspapers. It's hard to overcome these negative thoughts when they are all over the place. But sitting around worrying isn't going to help. How can you stay positive and survive the "money crisis"?

Stop talking, take action.

  1. Is money tight? Work on your budget. Where can you make cuts? How can you bring in supplemental income? Can you do some freelance work? Create a plan and set goals. Look at where you can cut back on your spending, every little bit can help.
  2. Put whatever you can into your emergency savings fund, and if you don't have one — start one. Even if it's a small amount each month, get started. 
  3. If you've been laid off from your job, now can be an opportunity to focus on your ideal career. Were you doing something you loved? If not, create a plan to make a change. Contact me if you need help; that's why I'm here.

Think about the action YOU can take to survive a time of economic turmoil. Remember life doesn't just ‘happen' to you. It's your responses to life circumstance that create your personal reality! And always remember, I'm here to help.

Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching Expert