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How College Graduates Can Land That Job Offer

I was recently interviewed for the article, "How College Graduates Can Land That Job Offer" for Fox Business News by Meghan Sharp.

Here's an excerpt:

College seniors are graduating in one of the toughest job markets in history. Employers are looking to cut college hiring 22% this year, according to research done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Fortunately, not all the news is bad. Career experts say there are still opportunities in this market, especially for those who start the job search early and keep up the momentum.

“The worst mistake to make right now is to let yourself become paralyzed because of the recession”, said Generation Y career counselor Lindsay Pollack. “The more actions you take to find a job, the better your results will be,” Pollack said. 

However, landing the perfect position is that much harder when there are more people applying for the same jobs. It may even mean taking a job that isn’t necessarily your ideal.

“You need to make a list of the things you want ideally in a job and define which ones you are willing to compromise on and be ok with that", said certified career coach Hallie Crawford.

You can read the article in it's entirety here.

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Here's to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Certified Career Coach