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Tips and Tools for Evaluating 2020

evaluate career goals

2020 has not gone the way any of us had planned. With coronavirus and the economic crisis, many were left feeling stagnant and unfulfilled with their careers and future goals. However, you could be on better track with your goals than you think! One way to find out is by reviewing the past year and 2020 is no exception, despite the many challenges we have faced. This is something that we recommend to all of our clients. We want to share some of our tips and tools for evaluating the past year in a professional sense. 

evaluate career goals

Evaluate the life-balance wheel. 2020 has made it difficult for many professionals to separate work life from home life since so many of us are working remotely. We recommend taking some time to review our life-balance wheel at the end of every year. Keep a copy of your wheel from each year. Compare this year’s life-balance wheel to last year’s wheel. How do they compare? Have you made improvements in some areas over this past year? Do you need to make some adjustments moving forward to 2021? 

Evaluate your strategic career plan. Another effective way to evaluate the past year is reviewing your strategic career plan. This is a tool that all professionals should have. It’s a game plan for reaching your professional goals. While we recommend reviewing your strategic career plan quarterly, it’s also good to review your plan at the end of each year. Take stock of the goals you have accomplished, no matter how small. Did you have to make adjustments to your goals? Are there new opportunities available to you now that weren’t previously due to new ways of working this year? 

Review your accomplishments document. A final tool for evaluating the past year is your accomplishments document. Take a moment to review what you have accomplished and recognize yourself for all you have accomplished in 2020. Perhaps adjusting to remote work, new software and practices for working with a remote team, or other creative solutions to distance working. You may find that you have accomplished much more than you thought this year!

No one should feel unhappy in their career, despite the current challenges. It is possible to find fulfillment and happiness in what you do at work. If you would like help reviewing any of the tools mentioned above, schedule a free consult with us here