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The Bigger Game Returns to Atlanta

If you’re in Hotlanta, or know someone who is, I highly
recommend attending this program Nov 10 &11. It will change your
life and the price is very reasonable.

Are you ready to go for more?

year hundreds of people blasted through the limits of imagination to
create a bigger vision for business and their personal lives at a
breakthrough introduction in Atlanta. Now the full Bigger Game workshop
is here – don’t miss it!

up to a powerful experience linking your individual meaning and
effectiveness. In this workshop you and your team will clarify your
values, purpose, role and vision in a way that makes it not only more
natural to identify and step into your leadership opportunities, but to
actually create them. A program that ignites and calls forth courage –
The Bigger Game model makes inspired leadership immediately possible
and accessible. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the non-profit
Ron Clark Academy.

For more details visit