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Hallie Recommends: Jeanna Gabellini’s Short and Sweet Manifestation Teleclass

almost the end of 2007 and one of your goals is getting really tired of waiting
for you. It wants to be realized NOW! Do you know which one it is??  Sure you do. Get that goal out of your head and into your

A 6-week TeleClass where we take one of your goals. Just one. And we get it done!

In six weeks, Jeanna will partner with you to:

  • Get clear on the goal and the exact outcome you want.
  • Identify and transform those pesky habits, thoughts, and actions that are keeping you from having what you want.
  • Have a blast kicking procrastination out the door. Adios!
  • Play with a plan of action that feels so good and fully supports your ideal outcome.
  • Get the Laws of Attraction working for you so you can easily and effortlessly allow your goal to manifest.
  • Enjoy taking those inspired actions rather than "shoulding," pushing, or forcing yourself.

Short ‘N Sweet begins on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007. Click here for more info and to get it done now!

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