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6 Tips for Taking Time Off Without Taking a Hit


If you’re wanting to ask for time off from work, but are uncertain on the proper way to do so, here are 6 tips to help you approach the topic with your boss:

  1. Give them plenty of advance notice, especially if the time you’re asking for is a busy time of year for your company or industry.
  2. Decide when to make the request. How far in advance you need to let them know can depend on what is going on that time of year. Better to let them know well in advance and come up with a plan than blind-side them.
  3. Decide how to ask: Follow company policy or the preference of your boss.  Writing is preferred regardless so you have a record of it along with their approval.
  4. Go in with a plan: In advance of the ask, come up with a plan for how your work can be handled. Complete your work in advance so there are no loose ends in your absence if possible.
  5. Determine and communicate the boundaries: Are you taking time off and won’t be available at all?
  6. Be a team player: Many employees worry if they take time off they won’t look like a team player. The way to avoid this is to understand the culture of your organization and what’s expected in terms of frequency of time off. Communicate with your boss openly about how things will be handled during your absence – communication is key.

Remember, use the tips above to handle your vacation time with care. But as with anything, evaluate your situation on a case by case basis. If you’re extended time off every month for example, that becomes excessive and you will send the wrong message. Use common sense when handling your time off and when in doubt, over-communicate about it with your supervisor to ensure you are leaving the right impression – the one you want to leave.

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