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Career Tips from the Career Coaches


As the year comes to a close, we are left thinking of the past and the future. These few last career tips may be what you need to start your new year on the right foot…

career-tipsHallie Crawford asks, ‘What do you think? How can you solidify your cyber connection enough?”
In today’s cyber crazy world, everyone is all about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Trillions of information is being shared and viewed to keep abreast of changes, updates, new fads, and in hopes of keeping in contact. But is it enough? Is our “global” connection really a solid connection? Or is it just an unstable link that can be easily broken if not solidified with a personal relationship? What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments at the bottom. We will gather the results and provide you with suggestions in an upcoming post on how to solidify those relationships!

Thank you to one of our resume experts, Jasmine Marchong, for these career tips:
DO tune up your resume like you tune up your car!
It is recommended that your car should receive a scheduled tune up after a designated number of miles. Don’t you think your resume deserves the same treatment? To reduce the stress of preparing a last minute resume for a position, or the long hours of research needed to gather facts and figures from positions in years past, why not establish set milestones to update your resume? This proactive approach will guarantee you less stress and you will be better prepared next time a unforeseen opportunity for your resume arrises.

It’s not only what you say but how you look that counts.
My sister is a stay at home mom and as a rule, whenever she steps out of the house, she may not have on the newest clothes, but she looks and carries herself professionally, wears a little makeup and converses with everyone with integrity and honesty. Over time, she has connected with and developed a steady rapport with people she interacts with on a weekly and sometimes daily basis – the gas station attendant, banker tellers and managers, store owners and cashiers, teachers, other parents and friends. Can you believe that within a span of 2 weeks she was offered 3 potential jobs? I believe her professional presence and relationship building skills were key. What do you think? Do you have a similar story to share and what skills do you believe helped open that opportunity?

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