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Survive the company picnic

It’s time for some company team building or bonding. As summer draws to an end, in order to ramp up enthusiasm for the fall again, companies like to host a beach outing, picnic, or some other outdoor event before the weather turns cold. We all know how some of us really feel about them. If you Are one of the lucky ones who truly enjoys them, that’s awesome! There are plenty of people out there who don’t though, and they approach them as a chore sometimes with a feeling of dread. I was honored to be featured in this recent Wall Street Journal career article about how to survive that company picnic and even have a good time!

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Here are two things that I wanted to add to this career advice:

1. Have a strategy – Decide who you would like to most connect with during this time. Is there someone you don’t get to talk to often at work but would like to get to know and possibly network with. Identify who those people are and make an effort to reach out.

2. Decide on and communicate a time frame – You don’t have to stick to it to the letter, but if you can only stay for a certain period of time, make that known in advance so people don’t think you are just ducking out. Or if you are not looking forward to it, decide on the amount of time that is reasonable for you to make an appearance and be cordial and warm then have a good reason for leaving. If you decide to stay, that’s fine. But at least it’s not an awkward goodbye when it’s time to go.

Handling professional events with ease is a critical piece to your professional development and, they should be handled with care. As a career coach, I always advise my clients to be mindful of their professional image, at all times. You just never know who is watching and what your behavior might communicate. So – be thoughtful about it!

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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