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Nervous about your job interview? Practice calming your nerves!

Thank you to Terry Wynne, one of our certified coaches, for this article.

Tomorrow is your big interview for the job you really want.  You are excited, scared, and apprehensive, and you already expect that you are going to be nervous. What can you do to calm your nerves?

Here are some practical tips:

1)      Instead of telling yourself you are nervous, tell yourself you are excited. Re-labeling your emotion can help you perceive your upcoming experience as fun instead of frightening.

2)      Apprehensive about a dry throat? Bring a bottle of water in your car with you and take several sips once you arrive at your interview site whether you are thirsty or not. (Leave the bottle of water in the car though.)

3)      While you are waiting on the interviewer, practice deep breathing. To calm your heart rate and steady your nerves.

4)      Take a lined writing pad in a portfolio with a pen to take notes during the interview. If you feel your hands wanting to shake with nerves or flail when you talk, gently grasp the portfolio in your lap. Think of your portfolio as a lap pacifier for your nerves.

5)      Instead of saying “umm-mm” or “well-ll-l,” practice taking a deep breath every time you start to speak. You will give more power and energy to your replies and sound much more polished.

6)      Once you are in front of your interviewer, if you are grasping your hands together to calm yourself, make yourself unfold your hands so that you don’t appear “up tight.”

7)      If you tend to bounce your foot, promise yourself not to cross your legs so bouncing is harder.

8)      Usually, your own apprehension far exceeds the actual experience.  Expect a positive experience, practice calming your nerves, and relax.  The interview will end, you will survive, and hopefully, you’ll be the one who gets the job offer!

Hallie Crawford and Terry Wynne
Certified Career Coaches

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