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Stop Second Guessing Yourself

stop second guessing yourself

Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford was asked to give her career advice for this Bustle article, “9 Ways to Stop Second Guessing Yourself and Trust Your Own Decision.

“Having doubts about every decision you make can be mentally exhausting. Even being afraid of making the wrong choice is understandable, being indecisive all the time can be chipping away at your confidence. If this sounds like you (raises hand), there are ways to stop second-guessing yourself so you can make important decisions on the fly. I know from experience that it can be hard not to overanalyze every decision you make (or don’t make). But after some time, your energy can deplete because you’re stressing over everything. We all have experienced this, so why do some of us keep doing it? Well, it seems there’s a reason behind it.”

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