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A Positive Thought for Starting Your New Job

new job

new jobIf you’re feeling a little leery of starting your new job, here is a thought to brighten the experience:

People at your new job will soon need your skills, talents, insights and know-how just as much as those at your current job. New things do become familiar in time. Pretty soon you’ll have room for a new routine, new faces, places, and a new and exciting set of opportunities and learning experiences.

Even if you’re doubtful, feeling unsure or lost, know that you are not alone and such feelings are to be expected. You’re going to make it happen for yourself—one step at a time.

Of course, it will take commitment and diligence to overcome some of the challenges, but believe me when I say that the payoffs and benefits are worth it. Years from now you will look at this period as time well spent and the investment you made worth every penny.

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