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Someone who comes from the heart-Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about sweethearts. It can be about coming from the heart and what you can do and achieve when you step into that.

Inspirational: This guy is living his purpose and passion. Blake Mycoskie (apparently he was in the Amazing Race, but I don’t watch that show so I had no idea!) has started TOMS Shoes.

It’s a great story. During a recent stint in Argentina, he encountered some of the impoverished villages where many of the children didn’t have shoes. He was sitting in a field one day on that trip and had an epiphany. He decided to start a shoe company and for every pair he sold, he would give one pair to a child in need.

The shoes are adorable and you have to buy a pair because it’s a good cause. This Valentine’s Day, come from your heart. Are you living your life according to your purpose and passion?

Career Advice Coach Hallie Crawford